Summertime makes you think of being outdoors and enjoying the warmer weather. But that doesn’t mean you should forget about your indoor spaces. The change of seasons is a great opportunity to evaluate your space and refresh your home so you can enjoy your time inside as well as outside.

Keep reading for my tips on how to refresh your home for summer.

1. Declutter and Organize

The first step to making your home feel refreshed is to declutter. Taking the time to clean and organize your space can make a world of difference. Decluttering has been shown to not only increase focus but overall improve your lifestyle and well-being (WebMD).

Go through your pantry, closets, drawers, and cabinets, and take stock of things. Gid rid of anything that you no longer use or need. Instead of tossing things in the trash, donate what you can — you never know what might be useful for someone else.

Cabinet and drawer organizers can take these spaces from a jumbled mess to neat and orderly. Turn your overstuffed closet into a clean and efficient space with a closet organizer.

2. Embrace Natural Light

As the days are longer and it stays lighter into the evening, you’ll want to take advantage of natural light in your home. Not only does sunlight bring us joyful summer vibes but it has important health benefits — it boosts vitamin D, can improve your mental health, and help you sleep better (Healthline).

So bring more sunlight into your home. If you have heavy drapery, switch them up for lighter sheer fabrics. Or open those blinds and shutters. 

3. Bring the Outdoors In

Along with natural light, you’ll also want to think about other ways you can bring nature into your home this summer. Studies show that having regular access to nature has benefits for your mental and physical health (Healthline). So boost your mood by bringing outdoor elements into your home. There are lots of ways you can do this — some ideas below

  • Add plants and flowers
  • Incorporate natural materials like wood furnishings, woven wood like rattan, natural stone, and ceramics
  • Hang artwork and include accents inspired by nature
  • Mix in floral patterns
  • Include curved furniture with rounded edges

You don’t need to incorporate all the above suggestions but pick a couple that you like and have fun with the process!

4. Lighten Up

Just as natural light can make boost your mood and mental health, so can a bright and airy atmosphere. Think about incorporating light colors throughout your spaces. White and other lighter colors are more reflective and help a space feel brighter. A fresh coat of white paint or light furnishings and accents can make your space seem more open and lighter.

Also, swap out those heavy fabrics throughout your home with lighter alternatives — think bedding, curtains, blankets, and throws.

5. Create a Relaxing Outdoor Oasis

Summer is the time of year we like to be outside and really make the most of the warmer weather. As mentioned spending more time outdoors can improve your mental and physical well-being. No matter if you have a yard, patio, or balcony you can create an outdoor living environment you can enjoy all summer long.

Tips for creating your outdoor oasis:

  • Plan a spot for lounging – think outdoor sofas and chairs, a hammock, or a chase lounge
  • Incorporate a dining area so you can enjoy meals alfresco
  • Include privacy and shade with plants and greenery, umbrellas, an awning, or a structure like a pergola or a trellis
  • Upgrade your landscaping to create a lush and beautiful environment
  • Incorporate lighting outdoors with string lights, sconces, path lights
  • Consider a fire pit, fire table, or outdoor fireplace to create a cozy atmosphere
  • Add a water feature to create a tranquil mood

You don’t need a large yard to create an outdoor living space you’ll love spending time in.

6. Incorporate Summer Scents

Don’t just think about the way your home looks, but consider your other senses too. Many studies have shown that scent has an impact on our mood and psychology, so another way you can invigorate is to incorporate fresh summer scents. 

Use candles, diffusers, room spray, or fresh flowers to infuse your home with summer-inspired scents. Some summer scents to consider are

  • Citrus fragrances like orange blossom and lemon verbena
  • Beach and ocean-inspired scents
  • Summer florals like lavender, jasmine, peony, and rose

Fill your home with summer-inspired fragrances to make your spaces feel fresh and inviting.

7. Update Your Art, Accessories, and Accents

Another way you can bring summer into your home is through art, accessories, and accents. By changing a piece of furniture, adding artwork on a wall, or swapping out smaller decorative pieces you can completely change the feel of a space. 

A splash of color in your throw pillows, rug, or artwork can make a room feel more vibrant. Or perhaps you love to travel — bringing travel-inspired photographs or artwork to your walls can liven up a room and take you to faraway places.

Whatever summer means to you, try to bring more of those elements into your home.

8. Maintain a Cool and Energy-Efficient Home

Last but not least, with the warmer weather you’ll need to keep your indoor spaces cool and comfortable. Instead of blasting the AC think of how you can cool your home while saving energy. This not only benefits the environment, but it’ll lower your utility bills as well.

Here are some tips to cool your home efficiently this summer:

  • Upgrade your AC unit to an Energy Star appliance that’s certified to save energy without sacrificing performance
  • Install a smart thermostat to help optimize your AC usage, so you’re not running it unnecessarily
  • Make sure your home is well sealed and insulated, so cool air is not escaping through leaks
  • Use fans and open windows during the cooler times of day as an alternative to AC
  • Install solar shades which block UV rays while still letting natural sunlight in, helping keep your home cooler

Make the most of this summer by refreshing your home to create a comfortable, bright, and inviting space — so you, your family, and friends can enjoy the best of the season.