Winter is the season when everyone wants to hibernate indoors and stay warm until the weather improves. However, why not make your indoor spaces cozy and comfortable so you can enjoy winter without the countdown to spring?

In LA we don’t really have seasons, but as we get into November it does start to cool off and no longer feels like summer. 

There are a lot of easy things you can do to spruce up your home for the winter season. Enjoy being inside more, no matter where you live with my home styling tips for winter.

1. Thoughtful Lighting

As it starts to get darker earlier in the evening, you’ll have less natural light available throughout your home. Be sure you have enough lighting to compensate. 

Consider incorporating layered lighting, from overhead to table lamps or wall sconces. Having different light sources available is great for creating different moods and can be used at different times of the day. Soft lighting creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, think about adding dimmer switches or swapping out your bulbs to achieve this effect.

2. Winter Hues

To make your home welcoming for the colder months, think about adding more winter-inspired colors throughout your home.

Warm earth tones and deeper colors like burgundy, forest green, and rustic brown are great options. You also can’t go wrong with blending snowy white and natural wood features.

Gold accents have a festive holiday feel. You may want to include some gold candle holders, picture frames, or other decorative accents throughout your home. 

Of course, nothing says winter more than plaid. From rugs to bedding, to throw pillows and blankets you can find almost any home decor item in plaid.

3. Add Layers to Your Home

Another way to make your home feel cozy is to add layers to your home decor. Think about adding plush blankets and throw pillows to your living room sofa. On a chilly evening, they beckon you to curl up on the couch. I love velvet, wool, and cable-knit pillows to create that homey feeling.

Or swap out your lighter summer bedding for thicker options, so you can stay warm day and night.

If your floors are looking a little sparse add some rugs to help insulate the space and warm your bare feet.

Spruce up your dining table with a table runner. Incorporating layers and texture throughout your home decor will make it feel warm and inviting.

4. Decorate Your Mantel or Shelves

Whether you have a mantel or shelves in your living area adding some holiday and winter decor can set the tone for the room.

Think about including some festive candle holders or holiday objects like these bronze reindeer from Pottery Barn. A garland is a classic way to get your home into the holiday spirit.

5. Fill Your Home With Winter Scents

When thinking about how to make your home feel warm and comfortable don’t just consider how it looks, but how to engage your other senses as well. 

Including winter fragrances throughout your home can add to the mood you want to create. Think about seasonal candles like Diptique’s Neige / Snow Candle or Jo Malone’s Pine and Eucalyptus Candle. Both also come is diffuser options if candles aren’t your thing.

6. Get That Fire Going

Lighting a fire is an easy way to instantly up the cozy factor in your home. There is nothing like sipping hot tea, cocoa, or mulled wine by a roaring fire on a cold night.

If you don’t have a fireplace you can add a fire feature outside, like a firepit or fire table to continue using your outdoor spaces into the winter months.

Or if that’s not an option then grouping candles on your coffee table can create a similar effect, without the fireplace.

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