Organic Growth Package

If you're struggling to get enough of the right clients, then his package is built for you!

Gain more visibility in Google and attract more of your ideal clients, with a combination of effective Search Engine Optimization, consistent quality content, and social outreach.

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How you benefit:

Spend your time on the work you love while I do the brunt of the marketing work for you. If you want consistent growth that continues to get you results years after the initial investment, then look no further.

With the Organic Growth Package you get:

A one-time expert SEO audit that will help you understand your current ranking while outlining what changes you need to make to improve your SEO status.

Regular SEO-optimized blogs provide that value to your audience while helping your website ascend to the top of Google search results. As these blogs rank for keywords, your website as a whole will gain more authority from Google’s perspective.

Expertly crafted newsletters and social captions to keep your audience engaged while persuading them to buy.

Everything here is designed to help you rank higher in Google while attracting more visitors ready to learn about your thoughts and solutions. It's all meant to make your business grow organically, that means without having to spend money on paid ads.

Is it right for you?

This package is perfect for any creative business owner interested in making a quality long-term investment – not a quick fix.

Whether you're a good writer or not, you understand the value of outsourcing your marketing to an expert so you can spend time running your business.

If you want to extend the reach of your online presence so that you're booking more of your ideal clients and not wasting time with the people who aren't a good fit...then this package is made for you!

What's Included

SEO-Optimized Pillar Blog

  • Written to move you to the #1 spot in Google
  • Between 1500-2500 words
  • Calls to action to drive engagement

1 Article Per Month

(included in your initial and monthly cost)

SEO-Optimized Blogs

  • 3 Articles per month each between 1000-1500 words.
  • Calls to action to drive engagement

3 Articles Per Month

(included in your initial and monthly cost)

Social Blurbs

  • Engaging social media captions to get viewers attention.
  • Calls to action to drive engagement

4 Blurbs Per Month

(included in your initial and monthly cost)

Engaging Newsletters

  • Share business updates, blog posts, and more with regular newsletters.
  • Calls to action that drive engagement.
  • Keep your email list informed and interested.

4 Newsletters Per Month

(included in your initial and monthly cost)

SEO Website Audit

  • Expert SEO website audit with a comprehensive list of recommendations for changes needed to improve SEO.
  • Keyword research and keyword recommendations, plus new meta descriptions and title tags.

One-time Service

(included in your initial investment)

Organic Growth Package Rate

Initial Investment

(for the first month)

Ongoing Investment

(ongoing monthly work)